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Interviews Master’s Pay after Placement Agreement

Our pricing is aimed to enable students to achieve their dream career without worrying about financing. Our students start paying us back the fee only when they land a high-paying job offer.

Terms of our Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)


Pay 0$ Upfront

Pay $0 tuition fee until you land a high-paying job. You owe Interviews Master 0$ until you start a job with a minimum salary of 100,000$



After you start working, Pay back 8% of your monthly salary for the first 1 year. You don’t pay anything after that ever


Payment Cap to protect you

We have a maximum tutition cap of 12,000$, meaning if you make more than 150,000$ in first year compensation , you don’t pay any additional fee

ISA Calculator or Scenarios

Scenario 1

You Get: $95000 Job

You Pay: $0 Monthly

Because: Your income is below the minimum income threshold.

Scenario 2

You Get: $120,000 Job

You Pay: $800 Monthly, 1 Year

Because: You owe a fee of $9600 i.e $120,000 * 8

Scenario 3

You Get: $200,000 Job

You Pay: $1000 Monthly, 1 Year

Because: Total owed fees of $12000 (Payment Cap) and not

$200,000 * 8 = $16000.

Overall Value of Interviews Master

See your first-year compensation increase by $30,000 - $80,000.

See a $150,000 - $400,000 in the next 5 year through a much better career trajectory.


A stress-free way to get to your dream career. Guaranteed.


Ready To


Your Career?

No Upfront

PAY $0 Upfront

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