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The top 10 System Design Interview Questions at FAANG?

The system design round has become a typical part of the software engineering interview process. If you want to secure a dream job at one of the big tech companies (particularly as a senior engineer), you must explain your commitment to creating a complex huge scalable system. There is no conventional or correct response to design interview questions.

Many applicants suffer with this round due to their lack of expertise constructing large-scale systems and the open-ended nature of the system design round. Not just beginner and mid-level programmers, but also teams of highly qualified, are uneasy throughout the system design phase.

We will go over some of the most popular design interview questions asked by interviewers in large tech businesses.

1. Create a URL Shortening Service.

A URL shortening service allows the consumer to enter a large URL and receive a shorter, unique URL in return.

2. Create a YouTube/Netflix design

Create a streaming platform similar to YouTube or Netflix where users may publish, view, and search for videos.

3. Create a Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp design

4. Create a design for Quora/Reddit/HackerNews.

These platforms allow users to share queries, post links, and respond to other users' inquiries. Users can also leave feedback on queries or shared links.

5. Design Search Typeahead

Typeahead is a service that allows users to type a query and then recommends top researched items that begin on whatever the user has typed.

6. Create a Dropbox/Google Drive/Google Photos layout

Create a file or picture hosting service that allows customers to upload, save, share, delete, and download content or pictures on their computers and offers device synchronization.

7. Create a Scalable Web Crawler Create a robust service that gathers data (crawls) from the entire web and retrieves hundreds of millions of web data.

8. Create a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram design

You must develop an online service for people around the world. The majority of the interviewees spend time discussing the news feed provides a useful framework in these apps.

9. Create an Uber or Lyft design

Create a service in which a user uses the app to request a taxi and a driver appears to transport them to their location. A common interview question during the system design interview rounds.

10. Create an API Rate Limiter.

Create an application or tool that tracks the amount of requests made in a certain window of time. If the number of requests exceeds the rate limiter, all excess calls are blocked.

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