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A perfect Resume for Software Engineering

If you want to get an interview at one of the FAANG businesses, you must first develop a CV tailored to these software engineering positions. A software engineer CV for FAANG employment cannot be a generic and basic resume you hope the employment market will accept.

This is the quickest method to be fired during the first round of the recruiting process. An astounding 75% of software applications are discarded within the ATS initial screening, and FAANG interviewers ultimately deny 25% of those who manage it through.

Creating an ATS-Friendly FAANG Software Engineer Resume

Follow the fabled 6-second rule when creating a perfect software engineer Résumé for FAANG employers. FAANG employers review hundreds of applications per week and can effectively devote only six seconds (or less) to reading applications.

● Use important keywords which can be found in the job requirements. For instance, schooling, years of professional experience, technological abilities, people skills, markets/industries, and so on; remove superfluous spaces around keywords.

● Use a professional, basic layout with sufficient white space and margins.

● Create separate sections for related material with obvious, easy-to-understand headings, such as 'Skills,' 'Work Experience,' 'Education,' and so on; increase acronyms.

● Use standard fonts and prevent using icons, photos, tables, columns, pictures, or other flashy formats because most ATS systems cannot read non-standard design components and only examine textual data.

● Choose a classic format with reverse chronological order, and write dates in standard forms.

● To see how an ATS-processed resume looks, use a text editor like Wordpad.

● Select a typical file format, such as Word document or PDF.

● Just include initiatives related to the technology or services of the FAANG organization to which you are applying.

● Only include initiatives that add to your work experience or validate talents shown on your FAANG resume.

● Concentrate on job-related abilities.

● Emphasize in-demand, advanced talents. Include a good blend of technical and soft skills.

● Add academic qualifications in reverse chronological order: PhD, Master's, Bachelor's

Our expert coaches continually draw on their expertise as FAANG recruiters to assist software engineers in creating the best CV for FAANG firms. In addition, expert feedback can provide you with insider information on how FAANG job resumes are vetted and examined during the recruiting process.

If you need assistance with your preparation, enroll in Interviews Master's Online Bootcamp, the first-of-its-kind, detailed interview preparation programme designed and taught by FAANG mentors and employees.

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